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Age Care

Halekulani Medical Centre provide specialised care plans to cater to the needs of older population. It is important to note that older individuals are more susceptible to certain medical conditions and illnesses. We have regular health assessments, medication reviews, and vaccinations programs, diabetes and mental health plans. We also provide a particular 75+ assessment plan.

Health Assessments

Health Assessments are the first and foremost part of treating medical conditions. Doctors and Nurses at the Halekulani Medical Center conduct a series of health assessments personalise care plan for our older patients. Studies show that a proper clinical health assessment helps pinpoint the root cause of many medical conditions.

Mental Health

Looking after your mental health is just as important as it is to care for your physical well-being. Mental health is an umbrella term that refers to our emotional, psychological, and social state. It directly affects the way we behave, act, and feel. Thus, it is essential to have take care of your mental health.


For people usually diagnosed with diabetes, Diabetes Assessment focuses on the risk factors developing further complications. Doctors recommend undertaking a Diabetes Assessment at least once a year. This will ensure your condition is well controlled, Both patients of Type 1 and 2 are welcome for a health assessment at Halekulani Medical Centre.

Medication Review:

To stay healthy, especially if you have a long-term illness, is by making sure you are getting the right medicines and treatment.

Taking medicines is a common practice in short or long term medical conditions, and it is completely okay to have concerns regarding them. If you experience any problems with your medications, it is now time to see your healthcare provider for a medication review.

A medication review is a visit to discuss your medications. It is important to note that medicines are not just tablets and syrups. They include inhalers, herbs, and any supplements that you’re using.

Before your visit, you should make a list of all your medications. You must also include any non-prescription medicines that you use.

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