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Skin Cancer Check saves lives

A skin check is an effective way to detect early signs of skin cancer.

Performing regular skin checks is important because early detection is crucial for the proper management of potentially dangerous lesions; if found early, cancer treatments have much better outcomes.

Don’t delay your Skin Check.

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Today is the International Day of Nurses

We are incredibly proud of our talented and highly skilled nurse Catherine, who goes above and beyond to deliver outstanding medical care to our patients and families, working tirelessly every day to make a difference in people’s lives. Always with a SMILE ????

Always PROFESSIONAL, always RELIABLE, always CARING, always PASSIONATE, always UNDERSTANDING, always LOVING, always SELFLESS, always COMPASSIONATE, always KIND, always FRIENDLY, always DEDICATED, always COMMITTED to the care of our patients in their most needful time.

And, did we say ALWAYS with a SMILE? ????

From our patients, from our community, and from all the team at Halekulani Medical Centre:

Thank you for YOUR very special way of NURSING, Catherine!

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A Warm Welcome Dr. Rabia Arain to Halekulani Medical Centre

Dr. Rabia Arien has joined our team from Sunny Queensland. Dr. Rabia has extensive training and special interest in gynaecology, Obstetrics and women’s health. Also, Dr. Rabia enjoys other aspects of family medicine and general practice. She works Monday to Saturday. Dr Rabia is looking forwards to building long term valued relationships with her patients.

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Have you had your free 715 Health Check?

As part of the Closing the Gap, patients that identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and hold a Medicare card, can get a free health check every 9 months, as well as free follow-up care if needed.

715 health check is important. It can help identify whether you’re at risk of illnesses or chronic conditions. It’s much easier to prevent than to treat them, so catching them early can make a big difference.If you already have a chronic condition, your health check can ensure it is well managed, and review that you are getting the medication and care you need. This appointment also gives you an opportunity to discuss any other health issues that you might be worried about, or need help with.

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Do you suffer from iron deficiency

Halekulani medical Centre offers Iron Infusions in a comfortable and accessible environment for patients that need it.
An iron infusion treatment is used to treat Iron-deficiency when oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used.

Iron deficiency is a common cause of anemia, which might make you feel exhausted and affect your ability to function. The aim of the Iron Infusion therapy is to replenish body iron stores and to remedy anemia in a safe, quick, and effective way.

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Telehealth appointments are in place for today and tomorrow

We are very grateful for the personal and open relationship we have with our patients and thank them for the fast communication we have had from them.

This morning we got a phone call from a patient that had just received a positive COVID test and advised us that she had been in our practice last week. This prompted our internal COVID emergency plan into action; straight away we contacted the department of health and the clinical and admin team got tested.

The receptionists tirelessly contacted all patients that had bookings and converted them to telehealth appointments. After the contact tracers investigated the patients’ movements, they informed us that the COVID+ patient was NOT infectious when she visited the practice, and probably contracted the virus in the community AFTER her doctor’s visit.

However, Halekulani Medical Centre takes the safety of our community very seriously and with an abundance of caution we have decided to temporarily hold face-to-face appointments; we will remain contactless, and the doctors will continue consulting via telehealth until all our team receives a negative test result. For the peace of mind of our patients and staff, we are also conducting a specialized deep clean to disinfect all around our practice.

We thank you all for your understanding, and we thank the community for being alert through this pandemic. We especially want to thank our amazing patient for her openness to contact us as soon as she received the positive result, even before the contact tracers got to it.

Please follow our practice website, facebook, and instagram for continuous updates on when we will be resuming face-to-face appointments or any information we may receive from the DoH. Meanwhile, if you need medical care, rest assured that the doctors and the nurses at Halekulani Medical Center will still be attending patients via phone and video link.

Take care and keep safe

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The cost of healthcare


At Halekulani Medical Centre we always strive for continuous improvement to make sure we offer our patients the highest standard of quality care.

For that, we continually invest in the services that we offer our patients, invest in training our staff, and in upkeeping our premises to provide the community with the best experience while visiting the doctor.

Why can’t we bulkbill everyone? Sometimes, we are asked why don’t we bulk bill everyone?

Medicare is Australia’s public health insurance system and funds a range of services such as GP visits, blood tests, X-rays and consultations with other medical specialists. But not every healthcare service a patient needs is included in Medicare. The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) lists the services the Australian government will provide a Medicare rebate for. Medicare rebates do not cover the full cost of medical services and are typically paid on the patient’s behalf to the practice as a percentage of the Medicare Schedule fee.

When the doctors bulk-bill, patients often believe the doctor will receive the same amount of money for the service, just from a different source. This, unfortunately, is not the case. When a patient is bulk-billed, the doctor ONLY receives the current Medicare rebate.

As we all know, life cost increases year after year. The cost of running your household goes up: food, petrol, electricity, entertainment, housing, water, consumables all go up in cost. Likewise, the price of running a GP practice inevitably goes up in cost, which means, your healthcare cost also increases.

However, the government has frozen the contribution to your personal Medicare health fund since 2013. That means that the amount of money that Medicare allocates for your healthcare is the same (or less in some cases) than what they used to pay 8 years ago. Effectively, patients’ rebate has been affected.

In order to continue to be viable, and to offer a high standard of medical care to the community, (which is what we believe all Australians deserve), the Medicare freeze has forced quality medical centres to introduce a fee to cover the gap on the costs. That is the out of pocket cost to the patient.

However, Halekulani Medical Centre will continue to absorb most healthcare costs and continue to provide bulk billing existing patients, children under 16, indigenous concession cardholders and strive to provide the highest quality of medical care for all our patients. We take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous support.