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Child Health

Studies show that expert medical assistance alongside parental care can do wonders for your child’s health. Early medical intervention and quality care plans can also help identify and alleviate paediatric problems fast.


Also known as paediatric immunisations, vaccinations are simple biological preparations that provide immunity against a host of infectious diseases. They are critical for your child’s health and growth development.

We offer the entire range of Children Immunisations endorsed by the New South Wales Department of Health. We follow the National Immunisation schedule and ensure your child has the maximum protection throughout all the stages of baby development.

Why Are Vaccines Important?

Child Vaccinations are amongst the best gifts you can give your children as a parent.

  • Vaccinations protect your kids from opportunistic infections caused by viruses and bacteria. They increase the chances of survival by providing immunity to their body beforehand.
  • Vaccines break the cycles of contagious spread, and future generations can be protected. Thanks to the advent of immunisations, many past infections no longer affect us.
Growth Development

The evolution and development of physical, behavioural, cognitive, and emotional abilities at the early ages of your child are an incredibly important. From academics to relationships and fundamental understandings, these developments later lead and guide the courses of your children’s life. 

At Halekulani Medical Centre will help your child reach their maximum growth potential and support you in each stage of your child development. Our medical professionals pride themselves on having your child’s health as their main priority.

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