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Men's Health

Most diseases can equally affect men and women. However, due to sexual and gender-related differences, some medical conditions are exclusive to men.

Many men avoid visiting the doctor and shrug off many minor deteriorations in their health. Regardless of your health condition, a timed visit to a doctor for a general check-up is highly recommended by health professionals.

Prostate Check

Getting a prostate check is as important as paying your taxes! A regular prostate check-up will help diagnose an inflamed or enlarged prostate, which in turn can help diagnose prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancers to affect men. Like many other diseases, prostate cancer is also asymptomatic, meaning it does not show any symptoms until it is at late stages.

Testicular Check

A testicular exam is a procedure that helps to identify anything out of the ordinary with the testicles.

Having a doctor do the testicular exam once every year is recommended by most medical practitioners, but continuous self-examination is crucial. Men need too be on the lookout for any lumps or any changes in size on the testicles.

Changes in your testicles could be due to various health issues, such as infection or a cyst and sometimes even cancer. Testicular cancer is uncommon, and if identified early, it is highly treatable.

If you find any changes in your testicles, do not delay a visit to the GP.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to keep an erection during sexual intercourse is known as erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction, or a decrease of interest in sex is not uncommon in men over the age of 40. Sometimes mental health conditions such as stress, depression or anxiety can result in erectile dysfunction or a loss of interest in sex; some physical conditions may also affect erections, such, cardiovascular issues, hormonal issues, and obesity.

It is possible to treat erectile dysfunction with medications and lifestyle changes, so don’t delay a visit to your GP.

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