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Mental Health

Mental illness is like any other medical illness and it can affect anyone regardless of age, sex, and social status Maintaining a good mental health is just as important as maintaining a good physical health. Everyone feels worried or stressed from time to time, but harbouring those feelings for prolonged periods of time may lead to a chronic unhealthy mental state.

Untreated mental illnesses can lead to a decreased general health, and poorer performance in different fields of life; it can alter your ability to cope in different situations, decrease your ability to maintain healthy relationships with people and can lead to significant changes in your emotions and behaviour.

The Doctors at Halekulani Medical Center have years of experience treating patient’s mental health.

Stress management

Stress is the way our body reacts to the changes going on in our lives. Generally, human life involves events that generate feelings of frustration, nervousness or anger. These feelings provoque an enhance emotional or physical responses which manifesting as stress.

A GP can professionally assess your stress and the impact it has in your mental health.


Depression and anxiety mostly occur at the same time. A study showed that half of the people diagnosed with anxiety or depression had the other condition.

Depression is a constant feeling of being upset or sad. This feeling can last up many weeks or even years. Although depression is a mental health disorder, it also has physical and behavioral side effects.

Anxiety is a constant state of fear or worry. Being anxious before a big event or a big decision is normal, but living in a constant state of anxiety can become disruptive and interfere in everyday life. The emotional symptoms of anxiety include panicking, dreading, and restlessness. Our doctors can assess your condition and draw the best management plan for your well being.

Mental Health Plans

The primary purpose of a mental health care plan, is to provide a structured approach to managing your condition. Having professional support can change the way you think and improve your mental health. Support will help you strategise the way your life works and help you manage your ups and down better than before.

Chronic pain management

A pain that lasts longer than 12 weeks, despite going through treatment and medication is called chronic pain. People can develop chronic pain without any obvious physical incidents or accidents. Our medical team can assist you in managing and mitigating your pain.

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