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Operations and Procedures

At Halekulani Medical Centre we offer a range of medical procedures. From iron infusion, cryotherapy, lumps and bumps, surgical procedures, to ear syringing, punch biopsy or removal of skin lesions, our specialist GPs have you covered.

Iron Infusion

We provide Iron Infusions under the supervision of our GPs at Halekulani Medical Center.
Iron infusions are prescribed for iron deficiency anemia. If a person has anemia, they can feel tired, have a rapid heartbeat, and may even have difficulty breathing. An iron infusion may be used for someone with an iron deficiency when oral supplements do not work.
It’s a more immediate treatment than tablets or dietary changes. This can be very helpful in situations where anemia is severe. The physical benefits of an iron infusion include increased energy and easier breathing.

Removal of skin lesions

A skin lesion is an abnormally growing skin in comparison to the skin around it. Skin lesions include everything from moles to skin tags to warts. In most of the cases, lesions are harmless and painless. Although very rare, a lesion could be cancerous cells clumping. If a lesion is causing you issues, you could get it removed by consulting our doctors.

There are many ways to remove a skin lesion, some of them are using creams, using heat, or freezing them. The type of procedure used to remove a skin lesion completely depends on the type of skin lesion. Our medical professionals that you acquire for this procedure will guide you best on the details of the skin lesion and its removal. The side effects of skin lesion removal are mostly temporary, and they commonly include swelling, irritation, and pain.

Skin Checks

Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in Australia, caused by UV radiation from the sun.

Living on the Central Coast, it’s vital that everyone in our community have professional check-ups of the skin at least once a year. It is highly important to identify potential skin lesions at an early stage, to prevent skin cancer. Melanomas that are detected and treated early can be cured in 90% of the cases.

At Halekulani Medical Center, our doctors have specialised training on performing skin checks up and identifying any potential risks.

Ear Syringing

Excessive earwax can lead to a lot of complications such as pain in the ear, itching, and even hearing loss. Self-removal of ear wax can be harmful and is not recommend.

Ear syringing is quite a simple process, and it can be done easily in the comfort of our medical centre.

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