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Occupational & Recreational health

Health is the number one priority, whether you are at home or at workplace. 

Recreational activities are a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Recreational activities not only boost your physical health but also improve your mental health, as both are linked with each other. 

The ongoing pandemic has restricted many recreational activities. Studies show a significant impact on the physical and mental health of individuals due to decreased recreational activities. 

Diving Medical

Diving is an exciting and dangerous sport and it requires a high level of fitness. Diving medicals are required before undertaking any diving activity, whether as a sport or as a profession. For your own safety before going for a dive, diving companies will require you to submit a Diving Medical.

Halekulani Medical Center can assist you to obtain your Diving medical certificate.


Workcover insurance, like any other worker compensation insurance, covers illnesses and injuries inflicted while at work.

It is an insurance that takes care of the cost of benefits of an employee if the employee gets injured or ill because of their workplace. If you have been injured and suffered an accident at work, you may be entitled to workcover.

Driving Medical

Safety on the road is very crucial. It is essential to be medically fit to drive. A driving medical test assesses if someone is fit for driving or not. Not everyone has to get a driving medical test. It depends on your medical condition and the purpose to drive. For instance, if you are about to drive as a job or are an old citizen. Older people are more likely to be asked to get medically tested for driving a car, as with age, your reaction times increase and that can be a risk to yourself and others.

Pre-employment Medical

Safety and health hazards in the workplace can be daunting. A good way to deal with this issue is pre-employment medical tests. These tests make sure an individual is medically fit for the job and poses no threat to the occupational health environment. The tests also make sure you are suitable for the job. Some jobs even have legal requirements to get their employees medically tested before employment.

Boxing and Martial Arts Medical
In order to attend boxing championships, competitors need to provide a blood lab test and medical examination certificate. At Halekulani medical centre we can provide Boxing and Martial Arts medical certificates to prove the safety and fitness for the competitions.

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