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We at Halekulani Medical Centre provide a range of vaccination programs for you! Consistent with the standard set by the NSW department of health, we have a range of vaccinations for children, adults, pregnant individuals, and travellers. We also offer Influenza/ Pneumonia Vaccines and Gardasil Vaccine along with others.

Vaccinations are critical to lead a healthy life. They protect you from future infectious diseases by making your body ready beforehand. They also break the contagious cycles of infections, helping disease prevention and control. Herd Immunity programs can restrict pandemics and also save future generations.

Child Vaccines

We all want what is best for our children. The best way of protecting the health of your children is to make sure they have all the vaccinations on time.

Immunisation can save your child’s life. Some diseases that once were have been eradicated and others are close to extinction, thanks to the advances of medical science and the implementation of an efficient vaccination programme.

At Halekulani Medical Centre we pride ourselves on having the health of your children as our paramount goal. We follow the National Immunisation schedule and make sure your child has the maximum protection throughout all the stages of their development.

Pregnancy Vaccinations

Pregnancy Vaccinations are pivotal for the protection of infants and mothers. They keep both safe during and after pregnancy. In general, pregnant individuals administer two immunisations.

Adult Vaccines

For adults, it is as important as for children to stay up to date with immunisation calendar in order to avoid falling sick of diseases that are easily preventable.

Our doctors here at Halekulani Medical Centre have your health as their priority and will offer you the vaccines that will benefit you to be protected.

HPV Vaccinations

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the name for a group of viruses that affect the skin and moist membranes of the body such as the mouth, throat, cervix or anus. There are lots of different types of HPV, some of which can affect the genital area.

HPV infections are commonly spread during sexual activities involving genital contact. The virus can lead to diseases of the genital area, including genital warts, and cancers of the Cervix. HPV vaccination can provide protection against cervical cancers.

Travel Vaccinations

One of the easiest ways you can prevent having a bad experience and protecting yourself and your family against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world is to get vaccinated.

Doctors at Halekulani Medical Center advise all patients that are thinking of travelling to come and see us at least 8 weeks before the travel.

Some vaccines need to be given in advance to allow the body to develop immunity, and some need to be given in different doses over a period of time. Bring your travel plans along, and our doctors will advise you on the best health plan to protect your health while abroad.

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